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Sing 'n Learn Japanese 1 Book & Music CD (Japanese)
Author: Tazuko Inui & Selina Yoon
Illustrator: Nguyen Thi Hop
Country/Culture: Japan
Language: Japanese
Type of Product: Books and Audio
Item Number: JL602W
Retail Price: $17.95
Your Price: $15.95
ISBN Number: 1888194227
Description: Introduce Japanese language and culture the fun way! With 23 traditional and contemporary melodies, children will enjoy learning basic vocabulary and pronunciation through popular themes such as numbers, family, animals, colors, and more. You can provide an important head start for children as learning another language has proven to stimulate greater mental development.In the seperately sold book, each song is written in Kana (Hiragana and Katakana), the romanization of Japanese, and the English translation. Includes pronunciation guide, English-Japanese glossary, and instructional and cultural notes For all ages. Paperback book. 8.5"x 11". 32 pp.
Songs include:
1. Doko desu ka (Where are you?)
2. Ko bu ta nu ki tsu ne ko (Piglet raccoon fox cat)
3. Kuma-san (Bear)
4. Bun bun bun (A flying bee)
5. Kaeru no Uta (Frog's Song)
6. Te o tatakimashoo (Let's clap our hands)
7. Akai tori kotori (Red bird, little bird)
8. Zoo-san (Elephant)
9. Tulip (Tulips)
10. Tsuki (The moon)
11. Ippon bashi nihon bashi (One chopstick, Two chopsticks)
12. Ouma (Horses)
13. Ookina taiko chiisana taiko (Big drum, Little drum)
14. Amefuri (A Rainy day)
15. Daruma-san (Daruma-san)
16. Yuki (Snow)
17. Umi (The Ocean)
18. Ookina kurino ki no shita de (Under the Big Chestnut tree)
19. Katatsumuri (Snail)
20. Atama to Kata to Hiza (Head and Shoulders)
21. Musunde hiraite (Close your Hands)
22. Kirakira hoshiyo (Twinkle twinkle little star)
22. Sayonara (Good-bye)
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