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Springboard: Quick Creative Activities to Launch Learning
Author: Mary Beth Campbell, Carolyn Hill, Micah Jacobson
Language: English
Type of Product: Paperback Book
Item Number: AK878W
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN Number: 1885473788
Description: “Creating as many hands-on learning opportunities as possible for students brings a level of energy, excitement, and authenticity to a classroom that cannot be replicated in any other way.”

Teachers constantly face classroom time limits combined with curriculum requirements that must be adhered to and met. Within these boundaries educators also desire to teach social and organizational skills to aid students as they grow and become a part of their communities and their world. Springboards contains 50 creative activities and demonstrations designed to address—in 15 minutes or less—topics like goal setting, focusing attentions, achieving the “impossible,” time management, and teamwork.

Combining years of successful experience in education, the authors include insight on why we use activities to prompt thoughtful discussion as well as concepts vital to successful demonstrations and discussions that encompass and encourage profound ideas. Group leaders, therapists, experiential program facilitators, and educators of all kinds will appreciate these quick, emotive activities written deliberately to draw participants’ attention and encourage deep thinking and learning.

2012, 136pp, 6 x 9 for adult.
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